435 South Magazine April 2011

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Page Turner

Leawood authors come married, with trees.

Wellness Wisdom

Feeding your mind is just as important as feeding your body.

Healthy Living

Dr. Michelle Robin heals patients with the help of her team at a one-of-a-kind wellness center.

Time Out

A coach and his twin daughters join forces for soccer success.

Person Of Interest

Community Newsman Sean Reilly.

Hope By Design

Visionary Kristin Wetzler is empowering a nation to craft its future.

April 2011

Futures Taking Flight - Teen Dreams 2011

Inside My Closet

Kelley Willis

Behind the Scenes

The Johnson County Canvas Art Crawl shows art ... at its finest.


Phoenix Family Housing offers help beyond four walls and a roof.


The High School photo shoot, circa 2011

On The Menu

Spice Journey.


Family Tree Nursery follows farming basics to cultivate exceptional products of the verdant variety.

At Work

These customer service superstars want to make your day.

Futures Taking Flight

Teen Dreams 2011 prepare to launch.

Day in the Life

A watched pot always boils in the kitchen of these two chefs.

Chic Tweaks

Fresh trends to help you transition into spring glory.

Treasured Transitions

For one family, a move from Michigan to Mission Hills culminated in bringing a New England-inspired home to fruition.


Irresistible cookies that contain some good stuff.

Ask The Therapist

How to set healthy boundaries so a child can pursue a hobby and reach his or her potential.
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