Eating the Rainbow

Vegan-Owned and Operated
FüD owner and head chef Heidi Belle, a native of Kansas City, Mo., creates fresh, colorful, flavorful and completely vegan versions of comfort food favorites. FüD first made a pop-up appearance

in the Bad Seed Farmer’s Market in the Crossroads Art District, and Belle taught raw-living foods classes until opening the restaurant in 2010.

Belle began her journey as a food entrepreneur in the early ’90s when she created the first raw cashew cheddar cheese in Los Angeles. She continued to develop more concept recipes until her cashew cheese made its nationwide debut as Playfood in 2006. FüD is known for its soft-serve cashew ice cream, as well as decadent chocolate, vanilla and caramel shakes made with agave and cashews. Plans are in the works to locally manufacture and distribute Belle’s signature cashew goji cheeses, cashew ice creams and cashew cheesecakes.

Eating the Rainbow
This is Belle’s motto for her restaurant. According to the FüD website, the “selection of rainbow raw and cooked dishes … provide for a variety of healthy diets.” FüD’s organic, local ingredients come in a wide range of colors, textures and flavors, and almost everything is made fresh daily, from scratch, including more than 25 sauces and 10 fillings. FüD also accommodates for a variety of needs including raw, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and garlic- or onion-free. To truly “eat the rainbow,” try the Rainbow Salad with greens, avocado, apples, carrots, squash, cucumber, bell pepper, parmesan seed and nuts, or the Rainbow Taco, a collard leaf wrap with wild rice and mushroom manna, cashew goji cheddar, cashew lemon cream, pico de gallo, seasonal vegetables and guacamole.

No-Meat Treats
Belle’s other specialty is meat that tastes real. She created a vegan version of beef about 20 years ago, around the time her diet became completely vegan and raw, and has since perfected her craft. FüD favorites are the oven-roasted “jack fruit” rolling in barbecue sauce, stacked on sourdough bread and glazed with spicy chilinaise or sweet pickle thrillanaise, and the “tune-rahh” melt, Panini grilled with garlic sweet cheese on rye.

Sustainable Practices
Belle is all about cutting down on her restaurant’s carbon footprint. FüD’s sustainable practices include using fluoride-free filtered water, using bio-
compostable to-go packaging and cutlery, composting, and recycling.
FüD uses only organic vegetables, fruits, grains and beans, and when in season, it’s all locally harvested from organic farmers. And due to the worldwide demand for palm oil, which has resulted in the rapid deforestation endangering the orangutan population, FüD uses 100-percent coconut oil for deep-frying and 100-percent Kalamata olive oil for cooking. 

photos: Steve Puppe