Cool Thai Treats

Freezing Moo is serving up more than just the classic scoop of ice cream.

   Another national food trend has reached Kansas City in the form of fried ice cream rolls. Originating in Thailand as a street vendor food, this ice cream isn’t just a pretty treat — it’s a performance to behold.

    Plan Ahead

  Located in Overland Park’s Deer Creek shopping center, Freezing Moo Ice Cream has been introducing the Thai street food phenomenon since early December 2016. Even during the icy winter months, the lines for Freezing Moo have been out the door and the inside packed shoulder-to-shoulder. With the addition of more stations, the lines have gotten a bit shorter, but expect a bit of a wait. We promise it’s worth it.

 Freezing Moo has a wide assortment of flavors such as sweet Strawbella (strawberry and Nutella), Asian-inspired Green Giant (green tea, lychee and condensed milk) and the classic Cookie Monster (cookies and cream).

The Performance

Six cold metal plates can be viewed from behind a glass wall with a mashing master at each station awaiting orders. When your order is called, the action begins.

  First, if fruit is in your order, it’s spread onto the cold plate and the masterful masher uses two metal spatulas to rhythmically smash, chop and smooth the fruit into a paste.

  When the fruit is chopped, a liquid mixture with milk, cream and cane sugar is poured over it, and the masher repeats the chop, scoop and smash process until the liquid solidifies. The plates are so frosty cold, this process only takes about 30 seconds.

 Afterward, the ice cream is spread paper-thin. Sometimes sauce is drizzled on before the ice cream mixture is rolled into Instagram-worthy, icy curls and delicately placed into a bowl awaiting your favorite toppings and sauces.

   Fresh fruit such as pineapple, strawberries and bananas are on the toppings menu, along with some sweet treats like M&Ms, Peeps and sprinkles. The sauce selection features classics such as chocolate, strawberry and whipped cream, along with some unique flavors like condensed milk and Butterfingers.

  The Atmosphere

 A sea of colorful sticky notes with fun messages are stuck on the walls and the windows. A wireless printer allows for patrons to snap a selfie enjoying their sweet treat and post it on the wall. With the abundance of sticky notes, selfies and a view of the ice cream stations, Freezing Moo is a much-welcomed hangout in south Johnson County.

   6936 W. 135th St, Overland Park, Kan., (913) 258-8201,