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India Fest

The Composer from the Plains

Examining the musical legacy of Kansas City's Virgil Thomson. words Alex Hoffman

Moon Shine on the Farm

Sophisticated Point

Kansas City’s own Brady Leger releases jewelry collection, joins Tivol family.

New Horizon Ranch - Boots N Bling 8th Annual Benefit Gala

Inside the Closet of Kathleen Sylvestri

Check out the closet of 435 Magazine's Art Director.

What Is Good About Goodbye?

Last child leaving home is one of life's little tortures.

Marvelous Maize

Summertime in the Sunflower State spells K-A-N-S-A-S C-O-R-N.

Person of Interest: Kelli Bailiff

Tenacious Child-Finder

A Good Grip on Junior Golf

Tiffany Greens Golf Club has been named as a Midwest training site by the USA Junior National Golf Team.

Double Duty Sunscreens

Burgers Done Better

5 Things to Know About BurgerFi
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