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Marvelous Maize

Summertime in the Sunflower State spells K-A-N-S-A-S C-O-R-N.

Frannie Franks Coffee Cakes

This story about a local coffee cake may be addicting. Read with caution.

Cherry Mash, Anyone?

Chef Jasper is on the Locavore Trail looking for cherry and chocolate for Valentine's Day!

When Good Seeds Go Bad

Farmer Brooke and Farmer Dan are making a difference with "local" in Kansas City.

The Fruits of His Labor

Remembering Papa's fig tree and Christmases past.

Swirled Bread Sensation

Strawberry Hill Povitica imparts authentic Croatian tradition and flavor.

Smokin' with the Firebug

Barbecue chef and expert Shannon Kimball shares his secrets for good barbecue and sauce.

New Kid on the Block

The Big Rip Brewing Company is making waves with beer nerds — and the beer-curious.

The Pepper Lady

Chef Jasper finds sweet jalapeno love on the Locavore Trail.

Jasper Goes to Camp

Our favorite chef discovers the wonders of Fire Lake Camp.

An Ode to Rum

Kansas City rum cakes make Chef Jasper wax poetic.

Ode to Kansas Fried Chicken

Abilene’s famous Brookville Hotel chicken is lip-smacking, finger-licking good.