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Healthy Living

Saving Lives by Changing Minds

KC's Lilac Center specializes in comprehensive therapy.

How a local artist inks life’s challenges.

When Children and Teens Tip the Scales

How local experts are helping kids — and their parents — to live and eat well.

Vitamins In Your Veins

IV vitamin therapy is gaining attention as a wellness tool.

Heart Smart

Preventing sudden cardiac arrest incidents, one test at a time.

Getty "Berry Sleepy"

How a berry combo could lead to a better night's sleep.

Know Your Risk

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here are a few things the American Cancer Society wants all women to know.

"Love You Tons"

One Leawood family is fashionably fighting the flu in honor of their lost loved one.

Concussions & Kids In Sports

How "getting your bell rung" could evolve into something much worse.

Taking It To the Track

How fundraising and fighting cancer can be a family affair.

Fido Stays, "Achoo!" Goes

A local allergist helps people with pet allergies.

Breath of Fresh Air

How a new lung screening could save lives.