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On the Menu

Sullivan's Is A Contender

It could've been a knockout but this champ is back on its feet ... ready for the next round.

The NEW EBT Restaurant

Former dry-goods namesake restaurant strikes a balance between old-time splendor and deliciously rejuvenated modernism.

Crafty Dive

Looks like a joint, acts like a joint... but the food is way above the bar at this unpretentious little watering hole.

Dream Machine

There's always a party in this house—starting with a dash, whip and fold.

Gin Is Back In!

Historic gin styles and new gin flavors liven up your cocktails.

It Takes A Village

Always fresh, always a line and always fun, this suburban table offers more than bread and butter.

The Electric Temple

Leawood's Fo Thai is a twist on Tiki as East influences West—but with amped-up voltage.

New Hot Shot

Mover and shaker Chef Aarón Sánchez bathes his flagship restaurant Mestizo in smoke and spice.

Cooking Happy

Experienced and novice cooks will find the new Bluestem cookbook brimming with clean, bright and satisfying recipes.

Inside The Kitchen

Take a peek behind the scenes at 3 Women and an Oven.

Downtown Jump

It’s time to celebrate as an extraordinary space takes a bow—forever changing Kansas City’s cultural landscape.

Behind the Smoke

In a city where barbecue is often regarded as sacred as grandma’s Sunday pot roast and where sauces are as heatedly debated as some political issues, Oklahoma Joe’s is a bit of a media darling.