435 South Magazine August 2010

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Tap Happy

Lonnie McFadden talks about life and why he loves his art.

Wellness Wisdom

15 ways to eat and live clean.

Crowd Appeal

The Voice of the Kansas City Royals relates to his audience, game after game.

Empty-Nester Blues

While it's hard to see initially, life does go on after children leave home.

Style Guru

Person of Interest: Geri Higgins

Innovation Celebration

Blue Valley Education Foundation impacts education and students.


What's happening in south Johnson County

Brilliant By Design Times Two

Loch Lloyd turns 20--and legendary golf pro Tom Watson unveils his new nine to rave reviews.

The Cadillac of Surprises

This is not your family station wagon.

At Home, At Last

When it came to custom homebuilding, the fifth time was a charmer for this Tuscany Reserve couple.

History In the Making

Two Blue Valley School District ball players make the top round of the MLB draft.

Mosquito Man Mayhem

Could yesterday's child's play be the reason behind today's occasional madness?

Me, Retire?

Local author helps middle-agers realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Art Imitating Life

Jewelry designer uses life inspiration to create awesome adornments.


To Celebrate Overland Park's 50th Anniversary, we take a look back to understand where we're going.

Two Guys and Some Soda

Thirst-quenching beverages have an unusual and sparkling pedigree.

Compositions in Health

Innovative scanner gives patients a comprehensive look at their total body make-up.

The Big Easy

Laissez les bons temps at Park Place's latest Delta-fied indulgence.

A Shining Legacy

Harold and Cathy Tivol talk about the fine art of giving.

August 2010

A conversation with chairman Harold Tivol and third-generation CEO Cathy Tivol about the fine art of giving.PLUS:• A look back at the beginning of Overland Park• A day in the life of Denny Matthews• F
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