Burgers Done Better

1. A Better Burger

Can there be such a thing as a “better burger?" The Florida-based burger joint thinks so. Its name comes from the “BurgerFication of the Nation”; their movement to change how people think about burgers. As one of the fastest-growing all-natural franchises in the nation, BurgerFi offers burgers made with all-natural, grass-fed beef. The hot, thick, juicy Angus patties are free-range, contain no growth hormones or antibiotics, are never microwaved or frozen. It’s not just the burgers that are all-natural; the  chunky, hand-cut fries and large, golden-brown onion rings are fried in peanut oil.


2. More than meets the bun

BurgerFi’s menu is comprised of burgers, dogs, accessories, beer, wine, soda, frozen concretes and frozen custards. Customizing your burger is a snap with a roster of 30 toppings, including bleu cheese, fried egg, salt and vinegar potato chips, and barbecue sauce. Other menu options include a 28-day dry-aged ground brisket burger, veggie burgers, and Chicago, New York and Texas-style Kobe beef hot dogs. (Maybe they’ll create a KC dog next?). Fries can be topped with BurgerFi chili, hot Cajun spices or even Parmesan and herbs.


3.  A secret society of customizations

Many restaurants have “secret” menus, and BurgerFi is no different. Available by word of mouth only, the eight-item not-so-secret menu includes add-ons such as urban fries (parmesan and herb topped with garlic aioli), customizations (well-done or limp fries), and burger combinations such as the hippie veggie (two quinoa burgers served on a potato bun with a side of neon relish). The list is available online so you can order like a pro and revel in being part of BurgerFi’s secret society.


4. Reduce, reuse and upcycle

In addition to its all-natural burgers, the neighborhood eatery takes pride in its environmental sustainability. Using what’s called “upcycled furnishings,” hundreds of plastic milk jugs, Coca Cola bottles and compressed recycled wood are repurposed into picnic tables and benches, chairs and tables, creating an industrial modern décor that’s also eco-friendly.  Their décor also includes 50-inch LED screens as their menus, polished metal “meat-hook” lights, and yellow pine and perforated metal wall panels. Kentucky-based Big Ass Fans stocks each location with its Isis model: a silent, lightweight, gentle-air circulation fan that increases energy savings by 66 percent.


5. A taste of local

Consider finishing off your BurgerFi’d experience with a glass, bottle or cup of craft beer or wine. After all, both pair well with burgers and dogs. The wine list consists of chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, pinot grigio and merlot. When it comes to beer, BurgerFi carries Pabst Blue Ribbon and adds a local touch to the menu with various offerings from Boulevard Brewing Co., such as Tank 7 and Unfiltered Wheat.

Check out BurgerFi at 11635 Ash St., Leawood, Kan. For more information, visit burgerfi.com or call (913) 499-6294.