The Best of the Best: Kansas City Entertainment

Rainy day adventures, axe throwing therapy, hipster hangs and finding your place of Zen because the best entertainment is never one size fits all.

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Best Bookstore


Prospero’s Books  
Walking into Prospero’s is like getting a hug from your grandmother. It feels good and smells a little musty with an overlay of Joy perfume and whatever is cooking in her kitchen. All of this makes you want to linger and enjoy the books and the company because Prospero’s is equal parts bookstore, café and a place to recharge your 21st-century soul through the community of the written word.

Best Museum You’re Not Going To


National Museum of 


This museum is not just about toys, it’s also a look into how we used to live. Since getting an eight-million-dollar makeover in 2015, this museum is ready for lots of play dates.

Best Sleepover


Kansas City Zoo There are sleepovers and then there are s-l-e-e-p-o-v-e-r-s, and the Kansas City Zoo is the place to upgrade your overnight experience. From spending the night with stingrays to chilling with the polar bears, the Zoo’s nocturnal offerings are an upgrade from the ordinary overnight.


Kansas City Zoo

kansas city zoo, photo courtesy kansas city zoo

Best Indoor Pool


Lenexa Rec Center 

14,000-square feet of indoor swimming space make it summer all year long at the Lenexa Rec Center. Add in two 40-foot-tall water slides, a climbing wall where you can “fall” back into the pool, a lazy river and a “warm water wellness pool,” and you’ve got something for everyone.

Best Museum That Will Make You Ask How Come I Never Learned This In School?


National World War I




This museum tells the story of World War I in such a way that you’ll be mesmerized and astonished at what you didn’t know about the “Great War.” Continually ranked as one of the best museum’s in the country, it’s an experience not to be missed.