The Best of the Best: Kansas City Entertainment

Rainy day adventures, axe throwing therapy, hipster hangs and finding your place of Zen because the best entertainment is never one size fits all.

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Best Place to Get a “Little House in the Prairie” Vibe


Deanna Rose Children’s 

Farmstead Baby goats, milking cows, a fishing pond, horse-drawn carriages and a one-room schoolhouse all make the Farmstead a lovely way to travel back in time to rural Kansas without the use of a DeLorean. If you haven’t taken your family here yet, put it on your list.

Best Sci Fi/Super Hero Family Event


Planet Comicon 

Nothing says family bonding time like dressing up as fictional characters and roaming Bartle Hall with thousands of other comic book and sci-fi fans. Planet Comicon is the region’s largest pop culture convention and with 19 years under their superhero belt, event organizers know how to give fans what they want.

Best Way to Prepare

For Everest


RoKC  When you summit the tallest peak of the Himalayan mountain range, you can thank RoKC for getting your rock-climbing career up and running. There are two climbing gym locations, one in North KC in an industrial building that was once used to build tanks and trains, and the other literally 10 stories underground in an old mine near Coleman Highlands. Both gyms are designed for beginners, experts and everyone in between, and no matter your experience level, they provide a great way to get in shape by trying something new!



Best Local Podcast


The Kansas City Podcast Former Worlds of Fun “carnival barker’ (who had his 15 minutes of fame after being on NPR’s This American Life) and current toy salesman, Cole Lindbergh sits down with a native Kansas Citian every Monday to talk about what they do, life in KC and even take a KC-centric quiz. His easy style and exuberance for his hometown make this podcast an engaging 60 minutes.

Best Way to Skydive Without Plummeting to Your Death


iFly When jumping out of a plane is not an option because, well, you don’t want to die; there’s another much safer way to experience “free-fall.” It’s iFly, where you can enjoy the thrill of skydiving in a safe, indoor environment thanks to wind tunnel technology. Anyone three and older can don a flight suit and helmet and after a brief class, find themselves suspended in midair thanks to blasts of wind keeping gravity at bay.