The Best of the Best: Kansas City Entertainment

Rainy day adventures, axe throwing therapy, hipster hangs and finding your place of Zen because the best entertainment is never one size fits all.

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Best Thrill Attraction


The Patriot at Worlds



of Fun Sure, it’s been around for more than a decade, but the Patriot still packs a punch in the gut. You’ll experience 123-foot drops, an 89-foot loop and a “zero-g roll” all while your feet are dangling in the air leaving you equal parts exhilarated and queasy.

Best Zen Experience - Kansas


Overland Park Arboretum &

Botanical Gardens



It’s the trails at the Arboretum that give you all the feels. A walk can take you through grassland prairie lush with wildflowers to rocky bluffs where you can enjoy an impressive sunset. The best part about the experience is the calming quiet that envelopes you and soothes your soul.




Best Zen Experience - Missouri


Powell Gardens  This 970-acre botanical garden is rich in verdant landscapes. A stroll through this beautifully cultivated environment, lush with colorful flora and fauna will leave you feeling inspired by the quiet magnificence of nature.