The Best of the Best: Kansas City Services

Couples massages, coiffured pets, the blonde whisperer and workouts that will leave you breathless it’s all good in this hood.

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Best Upside Down Workout


Aerial and Acrobatic Class — KCAA It’s not easy hanging off a trapeze or getting your body swaying in silks. In fact, it’s a mega workout that will give you killer abs and arms so impressive you may never wear sleeves again. Which begs the question, if you’ve never done a “hammock drop,” have you ever really worked out?


kcaa, photo courtesy of aerial and acrobatic class-kcaa 

Best Yoga


Darling Yoga  Owner Emily Darling has created a yoga dream team. Darling started her yoga studio in 2007 and has been spreading the joy of yoga to newbies and experienced yoga aficionados for more than a decade. What makes Darling Yoga a standout is the balance of yoga poses with a deeper inner-connection leaving you feeling better both mentally and physically. It’s Namaste all day.

Best Dog Groomer


Sydney’s Pet
Resort AND Spa 

If you take your dog to Sydney’s, there’s a good chance he or she has a better stylist than you do. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Groomers like Rena are experts at clipping, brushing and cooing as your pooch gets the full glam treatment. Prepare for compliments as you walk your dog and the neighbors comment on how dashing your four-legged BFF looks.


Pet Spa


Best Curly Hair Stylist


Janice Pancake Curly hair has a life of its own and is usually not fond of being forced into something it’s not — straight hair. Stylist Janice Pancake respects and understands curly hair. She can take a mane of corkscrew curls that would intimidate other stylists and love on them until the curls are so shiny and gorgeous you’ll never use a flat iron again.