The Best of the Best: Kansas City Services

Couples massages, coiffured pets, the blonde whisperer and workouts that will leave you breathless it’s all good in this hood.

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Best Bikini Wax


The Glam Room KC It takes a special person to perfect the art of slathering hot wax on a person’s nether regions and making it almost painless and not a bit embarrassing. Elissa at The Glam Room is just that person. With a light touch and an attention to detail that one appreciates in that (ahem) area, this waxing goddess makes an extremely personal situation almost comfortable.

Best Hair Cut


Sarah Minks  A great haircut has the power to change your life and if that sounds too much like hyperbole, well then, you’ve never had a great haircut (or a bad one for that matter). Sarah Minks at Coco’s Style Salon takes into consideration your face shape, hair texture and has no fear telling you when a certain style or (alas) your current style, is a “no can do.” Once she works her magic, you’ll leave the salon knowing you’re having your best hair day ever. @cocosstyleloungeLS



Best Cycling Studio


Cycle Bar It’s the theme rides that make Cycle Bar a standout. From 80s mix tapes to Throwback Thursday and even pedaling to One Direction — you’ll have so much fun you’ll forget you’re getting a heck of a workout, too. Cycle Bar also has a spa-ish vibe with lockers, free shoes and snacks.

 Best Fitness Instructor Whose Kicking Your Butt Without You Knowing It


Amber Jacobs Pilates instructor Amber Jacobs lulls you into a killer workout. This fitness guru is all about your form, alignment and proper technique. As her lovely voice tells you to correct your posture, point your feet or “focus on your obliques,” you start to notice you’re not just working out hard, you’re working out muscles you didn’t know existed. You’d give up and maybe take a “water break,” but that would be letting Amber down and no one wants to do that. For her most challenging class, take the “Reformer Flow 2.5” and for a class that will leave you feeling very chill “Amber style,” take the “Restore” with a focus on foam rolling and myofascial release.

Club Pilates

amber jacobs-club pilates, photo by austin kuehl

Best Fitness Instructor That Will Kick Your Butt


Stephanie Ruch Dumbbells, Bulgarian bags, weighted medicine balls, gliders, weight plates and rowing machines — Stephanie Ruch is not messing around. Her fitness classes are hardcore with a big following. Ruch’s most popular classes are GRIT at the Woodside Health & Tennis Club and HIIT at Health House in Prairie Village. Peeps who take her classes call it “fierce fitness.” Ruch is also an acclaimed dancer, nationally known choreographer and teacher. She’s all about keeping your body moving.,

Best Colorist


Heather Bosler Bosler is the blonde whisperer. She intrinsically knows what shade of blonde is best for you and if you just want highlights, she’s a master at them — making your hair look like it’s been sun-kissed instead of chemically processed. If you want that “born-with-it” blonde look, Bosler is the boss.