The Best of the Best: Kansas City Shopping

A killer party dress, the best florist, delicious denim — get ready to up your game.

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Best Curated Clothing Store - WOMEN


FineFolk Let’s be honest, the fashion world is often more about following the latest trend than standing out. However, FineFolk has the answer for those who still want to add a modern fashionista vibe to their wardrobe. With clothing ranging from mustard yellow jumpsuits to gray ponchos, women who want fashion with a modern, elegant simplicity will find it here.

Best Jewelry


Meierotto's Bigger isn’t always better, but in this case … it undeniably is. Meierotto’s mammoth store in North Kansas City not only offers a huge selection of jewelry but with artisans like watchmakers and silversmiths on-site, they can pretty much make anything your fickle heart desires. Their website is also top notch and offers a glimpse of what you can find in their store before you even leave your house.





Baldwin Market Owner Matt Baldwin started his denim company in Kansas City back in 2009 and the store has been a been a hit ever since. The secret to their success is premium-cut denim with a variety of styles for every lifestyle. Baldwin says he draws upon his K.C. hometown roots to create inspired denim and apparel that maintains its history using precise craftsmanship and design.

Best Florist


Shana Vaughn Designs 

If you’ve never heard of Shana Vaughn, then you’re missing out. This florist is an artist and has thousands of fans in the Northland where her business is located. Vaughn’s enchanting works of art run the gamut from whimsical to show stoppers and her wedding bouquets will make you want to get married all over again — just so you can hold one.




Best Cosmetics


Sephora For many makeup aficionados, Sephora is beauty bliss. So many eyeshadows — so little time. From brushes to blow-dryers and lashes to eyebrow kits, Sephora is one-stop shopping for your glam jam. The sales staff is well-informed, not pushy and they know their way around a smokey-eye.