The Best of the Best: Kansas City Food & Drink

From Veggie Poke Bowls to Steaks Bigger Than Your Head, Here's How to Make Sure Every Bite is the Best

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Best Restaurant To Take Your Kids Without Getting Any Side-Eye


Succotash There are lots of reasons to love Succotash, from the quirky wall art (including a massive photo of a woman messily enjoying a bowl of soup) to the eclectic breakfast menu (featuring a 10-pound platter called “The Sumo,” with eggs, ham, peppers, onions, fries and cheese wrapped in a massive pancake topped with sausage gravy). But this charming, boisterous neighborhood joint also happens to be the best place to show up with your kiddo. Not only does the staff seem to delight in catering to your young’uns and their sticky hands, but the signature eight-layer rainbow citrus cake will make your little one’s fairytale dreams come true.



Filling Station If you’re not willing to spend hundreds of your own hard-earned dollars on a fancy home-juicer, leave it to the Filling Station. These pros have a whole menu that combines the best flavors with the best nutrients to fill you up with all those essential vitamins. We love the Ginger Smith — a spicy and lightly sweet mix of Granny Smith apple, carrot, spinach, ginger and orange. No added sugars, nothing but the fruit and veg — and good vibes, of course.


Filling Station

ginger Smith-filling station, photo by Zach Bauman

Best BBQ Nachos


Blind Box BBQ There’s so much barbecue in this town, we could fill an entire issue talking about it (and we have). But we’ve got to shine a special spotlight on the BBQ nachos at Blind Box BBQ in Shawnee: It’s the Midwest-Mex combo we never knew we needed. Blind Box takes a pile of house-fried tortilla chips and douses it with a mixture of smoked meats, hot and silky green-chile queso, roasted corn, pico de gallo, crumbly queso fresco and jalapeños. ¡Delicioso!

Best Creative Sushi


Blue Sushi Sake  Grill  The worst thing about getting sushi is trying to convince your friends who get squeamish about raw fish to tag along. Blue Sushi Sake Grill makes it fun for everyone with a menu that includes traditional sushi plus inventive vegan and vegetarian rolls. The robust “Shiitake to Me” includes wild mushroom sautéed in coconut milk, a shiitake and sweet potato vegan tempura, truffle oil and Thai basil, and the “Just Beet It” roll combines panko-brushed goat cheese with shaved beets, cucumber, pickled daikon and yuzu kosho. Food should be fun — Blue Sushi gets that better than most.


Blue Hawaiian Roll

Blue Hawaiian Roll, photo 435 archives 

Best Quick & Healthy Lunch


Enjoy Pure Foods + Drink This fast-casual restaurant is an answer to prayers. Pure serves organic “clean cuisine” that is a perfect fit for everyone’s hectic lifestyle. From their breakfast menu featuring a “Morning Wrap Up” with scrambled eggs and broccoli that will leave you proud of yourself for starting your day off with such a yummy nutritional choice, to the “Spicy Rooster” sandwich that is a sublime mix of chicken and a jalapeño aioli pure delivers on its promise to nourish with love.