The Best of the Best: Kansas City Food & Drink

From Veggie Poke Bowls to Steaks Bigger Than Your Head, Here's How to Make Sure Every Bite is the Best

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Best Tater Tots


BRGRWho knew tater tots would be something worth dreaming about? At BRGR they’ve taken the humble tot and turned it into an edible art form that you’ll find yourself lusting after. The Blue Cheesy Tots with bacon will leave you weak in the knees and their Tots & Gravy with cheese curds will turn you into a southerner faster than you can say “Y’all, I love it!”


Blue Cheesy Tots, BRGR


Best Ice Cream


Betty Rae’s I won’t even stand in line to ride Space Mountain at Disney World, but I will stand in a line so long that it’s serpentining while enduring outrageous summer heat to get my hands on one of Betty Rae’s brown butter and toasted pecan cones. The husband and wife team of David and Mary Friesen know and love ice cream and it shows. This twosome has a gift for churning out whimsical flavors like burnt end ice cream (sweet + salty = yum) and jasmine green tea along with the classics. One cone will ruin you for any other dairy concoction.

Best Doughnuts


Fluffy Fresh Donuts  We don’t know how Fluffy Fresh does it, but it’s thanks to these miracle- workers that we know true joy. These babies look like golden, palm-sized doughnuts with a perfect sheen of iridescent glaze, and they smell like heaven. What we’re saying is: Please line our coffins with the doughnuts from Fluffy Fresh, because there could be no better final resting place. (Also, worth mentioning: the brilliant cinnamon twists, with just the right ratio of cinnamon.) If you want to experience the magic of Fluffy Fresh, make sure you’re getting to the shop well before 8 a.m., otherwise they’ll likely be sold out — they’re that good. 816-942-9822

Fluffy Fresh Donuts

fluffy fresh donuts, photo 435 archives 

Best Arcade Food & Fun


TapCade   Basically, Tapcade has you at unlimited arcade games for $5. Tron, here I come! Add in a full-service restaurant and bar with loads of beers on tap and you have your new favorite hang. Kids are welcome until 8 p.m. which makes this a family fun spot and the perfect place to introduce the kiddos to the wonders of Donkey Kong.