The Best of the Best: Kansas City Food & Drink

From Veggie Poke Bowls to Steaks Bigger Than Your Head, Here's How to Make Sure Every Bite is the Best

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Best Mac & Cheese


Capital Grille Mac and cheese was once a humble dish: plain ole’ elbow noodles swathed in creamy cheddar cheese sauce, a ubiquitous side-dish at every American family dining table thanks to Kraft. Capital Grille’s modern incarnation of this dish has undergone some major upgrades, incorporating mascarpone, Grana Padano, Havarti, white cheddar and parmesan — plus a heaping handful of juicy lobster. This grown-up mac and cheese redefines the dish.

Best Pit Master


Rob Magee - Q 39 Magee was already an executive chef when he began entering barbecue competitions as a hobby with his “Munchin Hogs” team. Over the next decade, those “Hogs” took the national barbecue circuit by storm. Magee, bolstered by his success, went from Culinary Institute of America trained chef to expert pitmaster and opened up Q 39 to rave reviews. Today, Q 39 has two locations and Magee still oversees every aspect of the pits because once a pitmaster always a pitmaster.



Best New York-Style Bagels


Meshuggah If you haven’t tried the bagels from Meshuggah yet, you’re gonna be so mad at yourself when you finally tear into one of these springy, spongey masterpieces. Perfectly sturdy — just the right consistency for slathering heaping loads of a rosemary and garlic schmear — these New York-style, kosher-certified bagels have over 10 different flavor options (we like the poppyseed). Get a single with the house-smoked Nova salmon lox for yourself or grab a dozen of these and be the breakfast hero at the office.

Best Trendy Restaurant


Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room There’s no other word for it: Corvino is sexy. Since opening in May 2017, the Crossroads restaurant has garnered national nods from the likes of Food & Wine Magazine and Thrillistas deemed it one of the nation’s best new restaurants — and it’s no wonder. Chef-owner Michael Corvino has crafted an exquisite menu that blends flavors from all over the world. Whether you’re enjoying the shareable small plates in the Supper Club (don’t skip the life-affirming seaweed doughnuts) or settling into a prix fixe menu in the Tasting Room, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience.


Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room

Corvino supper club & tasting room, photo 435 archives