The Human Body

July 19 - January 13

Think bodies in art and your mind will probably fill with images of sculpted "Davids" and painted nudes. The Nelson-Atkins, innovative as ever, wants to change that with its new show focused on the root of the artistic fascination with the body, which brings together the Renaissance prints of human bodies that started it all.

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Fringe Festival KC

July 19 - July 29

History tells us the best cultural developments often come from society's fringes--and that's the spirit of this annual 11-day arts festival. The Fringe Festival prides itself on being unjuried, so it's up to you to find the gems in these performances, films and art shows from across the world.

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Enjoy performances by dancers from across the world as they come together for a week of shows and classes across the city. After last year marked the festival's fifth anniversary, expect even more ambitious performances to be making moves and setting the tone for the next five years.

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