Felted Forms: Wool in the Woods

February 21 - March 31

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Welcome to the third annual exhibit of Felted Forms – Wool in the Woods. Last year we took you on a colorful journey through the woodland sculpture garden. This year, we again use color and form to enhance the grey winter scenery along the same route. We hope you will take a stroll along the path and discover these felted forms for yourself. Felt making is a very ancient craft that...

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The history and evolution of the dapper Kansas City man from the 20th century to the present is explored in this gentlemanly exhibit in the Garment District.  Told through historical apparel from the museum's collection paired with current, custom-made looks by the Paolini Garment Company, Suiting Up examines the fashion, fit, fabric and flair of tailored menswear while...

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Time-Shift Paradox

February 21 - February 24

If you've ever wondered what it'd be like to rewrite both the present and future by dipping in the past, look no further than Justin Marable's immersive installation.  Using methods like printmaking, serigraphy and screen-printing and a vast social landscape, he weaves an enthralling tale of time travelers who interfere in various historic events to alter history.

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Through the Eyes of Picasso

February 21 - April 8

No one can know for sure what went through Picasso's mind as he made his place in art history, but the Nelson-Atkins is trying to piece that together.  The ticketed exhibition places some of the artist's most famous work alongside his collection of African and Oceanic art.

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For more than 50 years the works of lauded documentary photographer Eugene Richards have captured the diverse and often complex lives of Americans and the ongoing struggles of the world's poor.  Be prepared for conversations to spark as you explore Richards' poetic and enlightening way of storytelling.

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