Controversial Apartment Development Approved for Westport Road and Broadway

A rendering of the six-story Westport Apartment building

photo provided by Opus Development

A 256-unit apartment building will be built at the southeast corner of Westport Road and Broadway despite Help Save Westport’s attempts to preserve the area’s architectural character. The development will be six or seven stories high, soaring well above the previous zoning limit of 50 feet.

   The organization made up of residents from eight midtown neighborhoods attempted to create a petition but failed to get enough signatures to delay the vote. Kansas City Council approved the construction of the apartment building June 15.

   Some residents are concerned the new apartment building will create more traffic and parking problems.

   The Bank of America building that currently stands on the corner will be torn down, and Opus Development will begin construction for the new apartment building. Opus Development built a similar site known as 51 Main, just south of the Country Club Plaza.

   Two other known redevelopments are currently being proposed in Old Westport, according to The Kansas City Star.

   Most of Westport’s historic buildings have no protection against demolition. The Help Save Westport group created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a building survey of the Westport area. This will inventory all the area’s buildings and their histories to help determine what is worth preserving.

A 1915 photograph of the intersection of Westport Road and Broadway, showing the old bank building that will be torn down.

photo provided by the Kansas City public library