Cryotherapy Relieves Two-Time Cancer Survivor of Chronic Pain

Mother of four Katy Nelson lives her life to its fullest thanks to cryotherapy treatment.

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DARI Clinic cryotherapy

   Katy Nelson is a woman armed with strength and determination. As a mother of four and a two-time cancer fighter, she has an inspiring perspective on life. She enjoys the outdoors and loves to go on hiking adventures with her family. Once Nelson heard about a treatment option that could help relieve her of chronic back pain, she did not delay seeking it out.

Battling Chronic Pain

   In 2016, Nelson had a flare-up of endometriosis, followed by her second cancer diagnosis. During this time, she began battling chronic back pain. “My back was so bad, I could barely move,” she says. “I was told by my doctor I had to have surgery, and my back just continued to get worse.” Various forms of treatment had been recommended, but nothing provided the relief she was looking for. As time went on, she experienced sleep deprivation and was unable to be the active mom her children knew her to be. In fall 2016, her husband suggested the treatment options at DARI Clinic.

Sweet Relief

   Nelson had immediate relief after trying whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) at DARI Clinic for the first time, and after just a few sessions, she was finally able to get some rest. “I’ve been getting up to three hours of uninterrupted sleep, which is huge for me,” she says. With four children, including a daughter getting ready to start medical school, Nelson uses WBC to get relief from her chronic back pain. “Relief is really important to me," she says. "I have a family and want to be able to enjoy my time with them without being in pain."

DARI Clinic cryotherapy

About Cryotherapy

   Originally used by professional athletes, WBC, as offered at DARI Clinic, has transitioned into an affordable treatment option for anyone seeking relief from joint pain, inflammation, and common aches and pains. Similar to an ice bath, cryotherapy is a form of cold therapy that provides faster pain relief, improves blood circulation, and cleanses the body of pain-causing inflammation and toxins. A cryotherapy session is three minutes long, with chamber temperatures dropping to -90 Celsius to -120 Celsius. After each session, clients leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The DARI Difference

   DARI Clinic is far more than a cryotherapy facility. It provides pain relief and shortened recovery times to others like Nelson, who have been suffering from pain and muscular injuries. DARI Clinic offers additional cutting-edge treatment options to reduce, relieve and prevent pain, including chiropractic care, deep-tissue laser therapy and DARI’s state-of-the-art 3-D motion lab. With cutting-edge technology and innovative treatment options, the clinicians at DARI Clinic are committed to helping people move better.

Recovery that Lasts 

   Before trying WBC, laser therapy and chiropractic treatments at DARI Clinic, Nelson could hardly make it to an appointment. Several months later, she continues to use and benefit from the treatments and can now travel, hike and enjoy valuable time with her family. “Cryotherapy helped me heal and recover fast,” she says. “I truly believe I could not have done this without the treatment at DARI.”


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