Unwind Your Mind

Thou Mayest offers enticing choices for Crossroads chiling.

Brooke Vandever

   Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters may be one of the newest games in town, but for co-owners Bo Nelson and Bill Holzhueter this project has been five years in the making. Their retail location at 18th and Oak serves as an “interactive billboard” for their overall vision — to make the world a better place, one interaction at a time. And that they do, every day.

   Here are five reasons to check it out.


Coffee Love: Where It All Started

   Coffee is really where everything began. A few years back, Bo and Bill used to get together regularly to talk about life and how they could make a difference. Bo describes this era as “two dudes sitting in a garage, roasting coffee and drinking home-brewed beer while being curious about the world.” They both had a growing interest in coffee and decided that’s where they would start. By 2012 they had purchased their first commercial roaster and hit the ground, peddling their fresh beans around town. Now, only two years after their first roast, they’re roasting and brewing coffee daily, keeping KC creativity on the go. Whether you are after espresso, drip, or a bag of whole beans, they have you covered.


Familiar Cocktails with Creative Twists

   While they are fans of classic standards like Old Fashioned, the guys of Thou Mayest like to have a little fun too. Take for instance the traditional gimlet (vodka, lime and soda). They’ve morphed it into the “Gimli.” Local favorite Dark Horse’s Rider Vodka is strained through a muddle of fresh blackberries, lime juice and pomello extract. Add a couple of drops of saline for balance and a dash of Chinese five-spice bitters for fun and you have a flavorful and seriously delicious grown-up treat. And that’s just one of many on their seasonal rotation. With myriad craft liquors at their disposal, the possibilities are endless.


Thou mayest co-owners Bo nelson and bill holzhueter​

Two Stories of Campy Comfort

   From fishing poles to a wall full of camping maps, Thou Mayest offers a lot in the way of cozy rustic trappings. There are two floors in the space, each complete with their own patios. Backing up to the Crossroads KC venue, the second-story “Sky Deck” is a great place to take in a show while having easy access to Thou Mayest’s accoutrements. The whole place is filled with plant life, inside and out, adding a living energy to the space. Whether you need a place to study or just wind down with some friends, the atmosphere is truly hard to beat.


"Whether it's through our coffee, cocktails or just hanging out in our space, we want people to walk away saying 'That was the best part of my day.'"


Local Sourcing for Their Extras

   When they were making decisions about what all they wanted to offer, Bo and Bill saw an opportunity to also show off what other people were up to around KC. As Bo put it, they wanted to present other “cool people doing cool stuff.” Instead of adding a kitchen themselves, they hooked up with locals Heirloom Bakery and Upper Crust to fulfill their pastry needs — from maple oatmeal pecan scones to fresh-made apple pop tarts. But they didn’t stop there. They also formed a relationship with Diebel’s Sportsman Gallery to offer a selection of cigars and accessories. All can be enjoyed on the vine-covered open-air patio with your drink of choice.


Top It Off With Service that Won’t Quit

   Sure, you can work to make the world a better place with just great coffee, awesome cocktails and delectable snacks, and that they do. But what they really do best is serve it all up with genuine care and positivity. Bo Nelson says, “Our goal through all of this is, whether it’s through our coffee, cocktails or just hanging out in our space, we want people to walk away saying ‘That was the best part of my day.’”


From freshly roasted coffee and al fresco environs to cocktails and pastries, Thou mayest seeks to cultivate a setting where creativity and inspiration spark meaningful conversations.


Footnote/Extra Info

   The name, Thou Mayest, comes from “East of Eden,” the Steinbeck classic. “Timshel — ‘thou mayest’ —  that gives a choice. It might be the most important word in the world. That says the way is open. That throws it right back on a man. For if ‘thou mayest’ — it is also true that ‘thou mayest not.'” The ethos of the business centers on the idea that the adventure of life is shaped through our choices, aiming at making a positive impact in the community/world.


For more information, go to thoumayest.com.

419 E. 18th St., Kansas City, Mo.

(816) 471-7333