Faces of the KC Food Industry

Stew Hemmer Spirits and wine representative Kansas City


   Stew Hemmer: Spirits & Wine Representative

   Describe it on a resume:
   “I Introduce the best new products to restaurants at certain price points, help cultivate cocktail and wine lists and educate staff on wine and spirits.”

   Biggest misconception about your job?
   “That I do nothing but drink all day long. I usually spend all day driving between accounts. Though I have to try wine and spirits, I spit them back out.

   Works with:
   The Grille at Park Place
   Café Provence
   Nick and Jake’s
   La Bodega

   The Challenge:
   “Being everywhere all the time. I don’t get to turn it off. I need to be able to meet everyone’s needs. It’s my job to make it easier for restaurants. If they run out of something, it’s up  to me to find it for them, sometimes with no notice. And if I can’t get that, it’s my job to find them something that’s equally as good.”

Anne Fisher Photographic food stylist Kansas City MO


   Anne Fisher: Photographic Food Stylist

   Describe it on a resume:
   “I was a graphic designer and eventually decided that I wanted to do something more small-scale and intense. Now, I create food photography for any sales or marketing for food. I started with print, and now do work in all different avenues like film, web and print."

   Biggest misconception about your job?:
   “That we use fake things for food. Just to clarify, I don’t use any non-food items.” 

   Works with:
   Bush’s Baked Beans
   Hellman’s Mayonnaise
   Mission Tortilla 

   The Challenge:
   "Finding the right people to work with. It needs to be the right crew and the right photographer and we all need to be on the same page with the same expectations."

Kat Dolan pastry chef Kansas City


   Kat Dolan: Pastry Chef

   Describe it on a resume:
   “A pastry chef is in charge of the development and execution of all dessert menus and production of all the restaurant’s needed baked goods. The job includes oversight and training of employees, and more mundane things like costing ordering, etc."

   Biggest misconception about your job:
   “Probably that it is anything like it looks on television. If you are looking for money, glamour or fame, cooking is the last place for that. It is however, a place where you are surrounded by hardworking people, that I’m very grateful for."

   Works with:
   Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room

   The Challenge:
   “The work-life balance of cooking is extreme. A cook works on average 60-80 hours a week. There are weeks we work more. It is very difficult to create a life for yourself outside of work. I do think and hope that gradually that is shifting a bit for the better. And in the meantime, the people you work alongside are in a career they have passion for."

   Blair Cave Food service account manager Kansas City


   Blair Cave: Food Service Account Manager 

   Describe it on a resume:
   “My main duties are to maintain current customer accounts by entering orders, providing samples of new products, and continuing relations with customers.” 

   Biggest misconception about your job:
   “That Farm to Market has shelves of bread ready for delivery. Most bakeries produce product and load the trucks for delivery. We bake fresh to order every day, so one day’s production is based off the orders placed by restaurants and grocery stores. Our goal is to provide the freshest bread possible daily to our loyal customers."

   Works with:
   Red Door Grill
   Spin Pizza
   (to name a few) 

   The Challenge:
   “Making sure everyone has their bread when they need it. It seems like a simple task but mistakes happen and you have to be able to react quickly. Bread takes time to develop flavor, bake and cool; and when a customer is in need, it’s my job to make sure that we can take care of them. Some days are spent shuffling around and hand-delivering product to customers. It can be a pain, but the satisfaction from providing such personal service is what keeps me coming back.”