Inside My Closet: Santa Claus

Take a glimpse at some of Santa's favorite things.


435 was beyond excited, like Christmas morning excited, to visit with Santa Claus about his wardrobe. We had planned to go inside his closet, but breaking news, there have been so many exquisitely behaved children this year that Santa is having to use his voluminous closet for additional toy storage.

   So, Santa did the next best thing, he rolled out a clothes rack and shared with us some of his fashion favorites. In a surprise to no one, his wardrobe is rich in red hued items. He confides to us that he thinks he looks best in red and Mrs. Claus agrees. His dress to impress outfit is red “skinny” jeans, (which he says he can “totally pull off”) a cherry gingham shirt and a vest as bright as the North Star.

   Mr. Claus also has an extensive hat collection. His favorite is a plaid lumberjack hat given to him by Rudolph’s bestie and everyone’s favorite Artic explorer, Yukon Cornelius. He also enjoys a faux fur chapeau designed and sewn by Frosty the Snowman (which is no small feat since Frosty has those mitten hands).

   Santa says most of his clothes are what he would call flannel “reindeer feeding and toy workshop” attire. He doesn’t enjoy “getting all corporate” and the entire North Pole embraces a casual vibe. Mrs. Claus adds that, much to her chagrin, Santa’s idea of “fancy” is wearing a tie with a flannel shirt.

   The busy CEO, who has set the gold standard for toy manufacturing and overnight delivery, says he only wears one style of footwear – boots. We were lucky enough to see three of his current faves that he said ranged from reindeer training boots to his “dress” footwear.

   We had to hold back the giggles when Santa announced that he enjoys superhero boxer shorts. But, it totally makes sense when you realize that the big guy in red is a Guardian of the Galaxy in his own special way. He also loves his flannel (of course) PJ’s.

   We almost lost it when we spied Kansas City Chiefs sweat pants. OMG is Santa a Chiefs fan? He assured us that he cheers for all the sports teams, but whispered that the “Chiefs are kind of special.” (Oh Santa, we think so too.)

   Santa Claus told us the one thing in his closet that takes up the most room is something you can’t see. We were intrigued. Were elves hiding behind his collection of red suits? Did Comet, Dancer and Prancer use the closet to practice reindeer camouflage maneuvers? Was Mrs. Claus secretly baking cookies in there? His answer was no, no, and no.

   Santa said his closet is filled with love and that it’s important to start every morning by thinking about what you can do to make someone else’s day special.