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Dentist Profiles 2017

John P. Roth, DDS

MapLocations in Overland Park and Legends, KS
(913) 553-2492 (Overland Park location) (913) 948-8688 (Legends location)

   Dr. John P. Roth, D.D.S., has a passion for education. He plans and delivers dental treatment as a dual specialist in the areas of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. He believes that training kids and educating parents is the key to a lifetime of healthy dental habits. 

   Dr. Roth has an extensive educational background. He graduated from college in 1996 with a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Missouri – Columbia. After three years as a mechanical engineer, Dr. Roth realized he wanted more interaction with people. He had always wanted to be dentist and in 1999 decided to pursue his dream.

   As a 2003 graduate of the UMKC School of Dentistry, Dr. Roth decided to combine his knowledge of mechanical engineering and his passion for dentistry to pursue a career as an orthodontist. The mechanics of using brackets and wires to move teeth into an aesthetic and functional smile was a natural transition. Dr. Roth started his postgraduate work as an orthodontic specialist in 2005.

   After eight years of practicing exclusively orthodontics, Dr. Roth realized that Kansas City was underserved in the area of pediatric dentistry. His orthodontic patients often had long wait times or difficulty scheduling. When he saw these delays and their effect on treatment, he made the decision to return to school one last time.

   In 2015, Dr. Roth completed a specialty in pediatric dentistry at Children’s Hospital of Colorado – Denver. He now offers all of the quality and convenience that families need and want from a dental practice.

   All of this education and experience allows Dr. Roth to treat infants, toddlers and teens in a way that is comprehensive. He can monitor growth and development during routine dental check-ups. This means he can recommend orthodontics at the ideal time of growth. He can also monitor hygiene during orthodontics and supplement the teen’s regular hygiene routine with extra cleanings. This all means less time out of school and work for today’s busy families. 

   Best advice: 

   1. See a pediatric dentist by your child's first birthday or when their first tooth emerges. This will promote comfort in the dental office and a great start on caring for your child's teeth.

   2. See an orthodontist for a consult by age 7. There are many advantages to early intervention that can help prevent future dental problems. 

   Locations in Overland Park and Legends. For more information, call 913-553-2492 (Overland Park location), 913-948-8688 (Legends location) or visit startingpointdental.com.
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Additional Information:

Specialty: Orthodontics
Pediatric Dentistry