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Doctors Profiles 2018

Schutte & McKnight Dentistry

Abbie McKnight D.D.S. and Megan Konz, D.D.S.
Map3400 College Blvd., Suite 203
Leawood, KS 66211

   Specializes in Adult Restorative Dentistry

   Decades ago, when their practice began, Schutte & Mcknight’s goal was to nurture a philosophy of individual attention, customized education and clinical excellence to their patients. Now twenty years later, they are proud to say that they are fulfilling that mission, having created an environment where their clients feel confident that they are receiving the best care the field has to offer. Drs. Abbie McKnight and Megan Konz deliver state-of-the-art dental services with the belief that their clients deserve their individual attention. Treating one patient at a time gives them the opportunity to truly know their clients and to be the best resource possible for their oral and systemic health. Restoring and helping maintain beautiful, healthy smiles is what makes their jobs so rewarding! Give their office a call or visit to see how they can help you keep your teeth healthy and beautiful!

   Patient Testimonials:
   “After 27 years of going to Schutte & McKnight for dental work, every single visit continues to be a fantastic experience.”

   “Every time I walk in to Schutte & McKnight, I instantly feel at home. The staff is friendly and upbeat and the office is incredibly efficient!”

   Learn more at schuttemcknightdds.com.