Modern cafe + marketplace, sister concept of The Mixx



Jo Marie Scaglia’s love for cooking stems from her roots. Raised in an Italian family, her parents opened and operated the well-known Mario’s restaurants in Kansas City from 1969 into the 90’s. Owing to her heritage, she’s long understood the importance of indulging in a fine meal with fine company.

   In her 20s, Jo Marie moved to San Francisco, where she fell for the farmer’s market lifestyle and the fresh food culture. She used this as inspiration when she returned home to Kansas City and began writing her first business plan. In 2005, she blended the family tradition of gathering around the table with her love of fresh ingredients to open her first restaurant, The Mixx. A vibrant, quick-casual spot serving up mindful cuisine, The Mixx has since expanded to three locations across KC. 

   As a restaurant owner, Jo Marie immerses herself in every aspect of the business. She plans her concepts with great attention to detail – from color schemes to dinnerware to menu items – to bring nothing but the best experience in casual dining to Kansas City. In March 2018, she will intro-duce her creativity and fresh food philosophy to Prairie Village with a new concept: a modern café called Caffetteria.

   Like her upbringing, Caffetteria has European influence. The restaurant name itself is a nod to Italy, where the word is traditionally used to describe a casual café. Jo Marie’s vision for Caffetteria includes an eclectic environment with an open kitchen, in which customers can see their wholesome meals made from scratch with love.

   Beyond the concept of eating for health, it’s important to Jo Marie that she makes people feel like they are at home in her restaurants. Just as she was raised, she believes the social connection between diners is just as important as the food served. Altogether, hers is a dining experience locals have come to crave.'

   25 on the Mall in The Shops of Prairie Village, (913) 744-3111,