Grable Exterior Maintenance Service, LLC

Roof and siding cleaning specialist

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Grable Exterior Maintenance Service is the area’s fastest growing exterior cleaning company. The business recently expanded into the Kansas City area from their home office in Sedalia, Mo. Their safe, non-toxic cleaning method has become the standard for both commercial and residential property owners interested in environmentally friendly cleaning. Founded in 2016, by Brandon Grable and his son Tommy, the team at Grable Exterior Maintenance pride themselves on doing the best work possible for their clients.

   Since 1986 Brandon Grable has been cleaning the exterior of his Grandfather’s home on a yearly basis. Over the years, Brandon and his grandfather improved the process and outcome of his work by experimenting with different cleaning solutions and applications. Their goal was to create solutions that wouldn't harm pets, plants or the construction materials they were cleaning.

   When Brandon found himself caring for his young son, he realized he needed a career that would allow him the flexibility to be more available. Brandon’s grandfather nudged him to turn his knowledge and expertise for cleaning exteriors into a full-time job. Soon after, Brandon was knocking on doors, asking people if he could clean their homes. It didn't take long for the business to take off.

   Using environmentally safe products, the Grables and their specialists thoroughly clean exterior surfaces for both commercial and residential properties, including all kinds of siding such as stucco, brick, wood and concrete. They also clean roofing, garage doors, decks and rain gutters as well as fencing, parking lots and commercial buildings. They use a proprietary ‘green’ method that maintains the integrity of the construction material, but renders a beautifully clean surface. 

   Grable says, “Everything we use kills the black mold, mil-dew, algae and other bacteria directly at the source so that it doesn't come right back. In fact, when you treat a roof, you kill the bacteria that creates the dirty look. Once it’s killed it doesn't come right back as it would if you were to simply power wash the area. A lot of people don’t realize that bacteria eats the roofing material causing a porous surface where energy escapes, creating higher utility bills.”

   It is Grable’s goal to service both Kansas and Missouri and he has in fact, already established business in Springfield, Columbia, St. Louis and Kansas City, Mo.

   Facebook: Grable Exterior Maintenance Service, LLC, (660) 829-5825