The Face of Women's Healthcare: Johnson County OB/GYN

Left to right: Melanie Martin, MD; Christopher Lynch, MD; Megan Brown, MD; Randy Sheridan, MD; Corinna Cooper MD;

Meghan Vaglio, MD; Abigail Proffer, MD 



The physicians of Johnson County OB/GYN have been providing the highest quality medical/surgical care to women in the Kansas City area for nearly four decades. Their comprehensive services include all areas of women’s health, including but not limited to: Pregnancy, wellness exams, adolescent health, birth control, gynecological problems, menopausal issues, incontinence and uterine prolapse. The physicians are highly trained in minimally invasive surgical techniques including laparoscopic and robotic surgery. Make your health a priority — call and schedule an appointment today! 

7440 W Frontage Rd. Merriam, KS | (913) 236-6455 |

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