435 South Magazine February 2009

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Mark Chaplick

Looking For: Warmth and honesty is what this bachelor looks for most in a woman

Brian Courtney

Looking For: An attractive, outgoing, intelligent, fun and striking woman to bring home.

Dan Foil

Looking For: A woman with Christian values and who is loving, kind, patient and smart with a sharp sense of humor

Steven Schowengerdt

Looking For: A woman who puts God first and family second.

On The Cover

Cover Summary

Wyatt Brummer

Looking For: A woman who is sincere, family-oriented and outgoing.

Vince Brown

Looking For: A woman who is warm, intelligent, beautiful and self-assured

Nick Griffith

Looking For: A fan of Will Ferrell movies and his dad's bad jokes, Nick wants a woman with a great sense of humor.

Tim Herre

Looking For: Someone who is driven, athletic, honest, family-oriented and can laugh at the small things and enjoy a good time.
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