435 South Magazine February 2011

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Weathering the Storms

Finding ways to address differences is key to achieving a balanced connection.

February 2011

Confessions From Father of the Bride

And lessons, tips and tricks on getting through your daughter's Big Day.

At Work

CAPS instructor Bruce McRoberts shows iMedia students the pro's ropes.

Half-Pint Hero

Randy Kazandy makes a feel-good friend for kids.


Leawood's Sharon Fadler Frankel is a genuine Champion of women's cardiac health awareness--and she speaks from experience.


Stimulate your appetite and enjoy the camaraderie the Spanish have perfected at La Bodega.


What's happening in south Johnson County.

Choose to Simplify

Use any or all of these 15 ways to invite balance and clarity back into your life.

Matters of the Heart

This husband-wife team discovers the joys of raising a family and practicing medicine.

School Is Open!

Cooking classes are a sure-fire way to brush up on your kitchen skills and whip your idea file into shape.

A Garden's Glory Days

A book that spans Kansas City's colorful history--through the eyes of a restaurant.

Eye-to-Eye with Adversity

Blue Valley Northwest's Bryce Boyer marches with determination and victory over some super-sized roadblocks.

True Romance

Two spectacular weddings revel in classic style with plenty of modern twists.

Compositions In Color

This Leawood home has been refreshed, rejuvenated and re-energized through the power of renovation.

Growing Up With Dan

How one young girl takes her father's life experience and uses it to bring people together.

Inside My Closet

Patrick Madden

David Dishes

Former Hollywood casting agent and industry exec shares the inside scoop.

Information Exchange

Innovadex offers product formulators a cutting-edge search engine for rapid research results.

Asset Manager

Person of Interest: Kliff Kuehl
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