Holey Sweetness!

Westport’s Doughnut Lounge revives our love for creative doughnuts, coffee (or cocktails) and conversation.

Tasty Beginnings

Three years ago, Jake Randall, owner and mastermind behind the Doughnut Lounge noticed a void of doughnuts in Kansas City — uniquely crafted ones, that is. St. Louis has Strange Donuts, Chicago has Glazed and Infused, so why not Kansas City? Armed with a passion for doughnuts and the belief that conversations change lives, Randall wanted to create a hangout spot in Westport that incorporated the three C’s: craft, creativity and conversation. After funding his project through Kickstarter, he opened the cocktail-lounge-meets-doughnut-shop in the heart of Westport. Doughnut Lounge serves specialty doughnuts made fresh daily with ingredients sourced from Kansas City Food Circle and coffee and signature cocktail programs.


Lounge Life

Modern and lighthearted with a friendly neighborhood vibe describes the atmosphere of the newly opened doughnuts den. Its decor, dubbed by Randall, is “swanky fun,” with exposed brick walls, local art, raw lighting fixtures, large street-facing windows and modern black table-and-booth-style furniture. At Doughnut Lounge you can get your dough on the go or stay awhile and further the shop’s conversation-and-community concept by meeting up with friends or chating with fellow patrons. After dark the shop transforms into one of the coziest hangout spots in Westport. Illuminated by soft lighting and candles, and featuring live music, it creates an intimate coffeehouse feel.


Good Dough

Each day Doughnut Lounge features 16 doughnuts from its extensive menu of classic, signature and “noduts” doughnuts. Those who like to keep it traditional can succumb to nostalgia with classics like tres leches, lemon-pistachio old-fashioned, glazed and cake doughnuts. If you’re looking for a twist, treat yourself to the lounge’s signature doughnuts, such as the The Dolly, filled with Green Dirt Farms sheep’s milk custard; the Lucky Charms, which is garnished with  cereal milk glaze and cereal bits; or the uber decadent S’More. The latter is a yeast-risen doughnut topped with a rich chocolate ganache, crowned with toasted marshmallow fluff and dusted with graham cracker crumbs. It’s a call to camping bliss that makes you yearn to tell stories by the fire. The adventurous can stretch their imaginations with “noduts.” These savory, made-to-order, knife-and-fork creations are part entree and part doughnut and get their name from Randall’s young daughter, who can’t yet pronounce “doughnut.” Try the Chicken Fried, which is made up of three-day brined chicken thigh drizzled in honey sriracha hot sauce and draped across a yeast-risen doughnut.


Sip or Dunk

In addition to the wide variety of doughy goodness, Doughnut Lounge boasts a local coffee program and a full bar with six signature cocktails, two classic cocktails, wine and more than 15 canned beers. Developed by Julep’s Dom Petrucci, the cocktail list offers specially crafted libations that pair well with doughnuts, like Against Method — a warm mélange of Old Tom Gin, sweet vermouth, maraschino liqueur and orange bitters. Or try the Slow Jamz, a variation of an espresso martini. And what’s a doughnut shop without a cup of Joe? Pair your pastry with coffee offerings from Doughnut Lounge’s rotating schedule of local and regional roasters, including favorites like Oddly Correct, Post Coffee Company, Parisi Artisan Coffee and The Roasterie.


   Doughnut Lounge is located at 4117 Pennsylvania Ave. For more information visit doughnutlounge.com or call (816) 659-3688.