Kansas City's Best Bars 2017

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   O’Dowd’s Little Dublin Irish Ale House and Pub

   Why you’re here: By now it’s common knowledge that everyone in Kansas City is a wee bit Irish, or at least they claim to be. Since opening its doors in 1996, O’Dowd’s has been one of this city’s favorite Irish pubs, providing an authentic slice of Dublin with favorite Irish fare. Featuring decor straight from the Emerald Isle (the floor was salvaged from a 200-year-old Irish church!), live music, and a scenic rooftop bar,

   What you’re having: A pint of Guinness

   4742 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, Mo., (816) 561-2700, odowdslittledublin.com


   The Granfalloon Restaurant & Bar

   Why you’re here: As your stereotypical sports bar — high-top tables, dark accents, TVs aplenty and a bustling crowd are the standards — the Granfalloon seems a bit out of place on the Country Club Plaza, but that’s part of its charm. The restaurant and bar is named after author Kurt Vonnegut’s concept of a “proud and meaningless association of human beings,” and that society still stands today. You’ll find fans of all things here, along with munchies and spirits for every gathering.

   What you’re having: Draft beer.

   608 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, Mo. (816) 753-7850, thegranfalloon.com


   The Capital Grille

   Why you’re here: Along with being known for its extensive wine list featuring iconic pours and top picks from its sommelier, The Capital Grille is the place to take in the scene and be seen. It’s not unusual to spot a limousine curbside or run into local celebrities, so be sure to brush up on your who’s who before dropping by.

   What you’re having: A signature Stoli Doli

   4740 Jefferson St., Kansas City, Mo., (816) 531-8345, thecapitalgrille.com