Kansas City Bar Guide for Every Age Group

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​   Swordfish Tom's

With age comes wisdom. When it comes to a bar, you want a nice place where you can order an unfussy, delicious cocktail and have an unhurried good time. That’s exactly the kind of evening that Jill Cockson had in mind when she dreamed up Swordfish Tom’s, a sub-street-level, speakeasy-style craft cocktail bar in the Crossroads.

Cockson’s vision for her 30-seat bar was to create a space that emphasized old-fashioned conversation and connection: Phone usage is politely banned, “inside voices” are encouraged and the music is kept at a level that no one could call distracting. There is one bartender — usually Cockson herself -— and her list features cocktails both new and old, but guests are also encouraged to ask for a favorite drink even if it’s not on the menu.

210 W. 19th Terrace, Kansas City, Mo., www.loc8nearme.com/missouri/kansas-city/swordfish-toms/2735699/



Swordfish Tom's Kansas City

Wine: JJ’s Wine Bar

JJ’s Wine Bar on the Country Club Plaza specializes in the kind of wine that takes decades to learn to how to appreciate. If you’ve developed a palate for the finest Cabernets, big-hearted Barolos or sophisticated Gewürztraminers, this place will feel like home to you.

900 W. 48th Pl., Kansas City, Mo., jjsrestaurantkc.com

JJ's Wine Bar

Beer: Martin City Brewing & Taproom

Forget about all the trendy beers, you just need it to be cold and poured into a clean glass from someone who doesn’t feel the need to tell you about the exact hops it was brewed with. Martin City Brewing & Taproom offers just this experience, where you can get a full education on the Martin City beers — or you can just sit quietly and enjoy your Pinkies Up, a Berliner Weisse-style sour beer, in peace.

500 E. 135th St., Kansas City, Mo., martincitybrewingcompany.com