Gov. Sam Brownback Signs 'Uncork Bill,' Full-Strength Beer to Be Sold at Kansas Grocery Stores

   Beer lovers, rejoice!

  Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signed the “Uncork Bill” April 18, which allows Kansas grocery stores and convenience stores to soon sell full-strength beer. Currently, grocery stores and convenience stores can only sell beer with an alcohol content up to 3.2 percent by weight.

  Although the bill will make beer with an alcohol content of up to 6 percent by volume available at grocery stores in April 2019, the sale of wine is still not allowed in grocery and convenience stores.  Along with grocery stores being able to sell full-strength beer, liquor stores will be able to sell up to 20 percent of their gross sales on other products like ice, mixers and shot glasses.

  While some celebrate the law with a bottle of beer, others are worried that the changes will discourage brewers from producing 3.2 percent beer because of reduced demand as well as putting mom-and-pop liquor stores at a disadvantage to large corporations.

  Uncork Kansas has been fighting for years to change liquor sale laws. According to the organization, there has been very little change to the liquor sales law since the lift of the prohibition law in 1948, leaving Kansas with one of the most antiquated liquor laws in the country.