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A History of Service: How Heart of America Invisible Fence Is Different

   For more than 40 years, Invisible Fence Brand has been a pioneer in pet containment. As the original solution in pet containment systems, they are the best choice for any pet in any location. Since 1973, Invisible Fence Brand has created customized systems, making more than 3 million pets safer and happier by providing solutions that use cutting-edge technology. Pet owners enjoy all the love their pets have to give while giving their pets unlimited freedom. So it only makes sense that Heart of America Invisible Fence, managed by Tyler Schoenfelder, is one of their strongest partners and advocates in bringing the best solutions to pet owners in the Kansas City area.

   Heart of America Invisible Fence is not just passionate about technology. They are also passionate about pets and helping you find tried-and-true solutions as well as looking for new solutions that are, quite literally, out of this world. One of their most recent innovations is GPS 2.0, the Ultimate Wire-Free Pet Fence Solution that uses 32 navigational satellites to create boundaries for any size property or location. They have also designed Boundary Plus® technology that prevents “break-outs” and accidental lockouts, ensuring that your pet will stay within the boundary while providing 30 percent more yard space for your pet. The Doorman Pet Door brings the convenience of the doggy door to a new level by also maintaining the security of the home. The door only opens for a pet with the collar at specific times determined by the owner. When not in use, the insulated door automatically locks. All of their products are customized to meet the needs of customers and work together seamlessly to not only improve the way you live with your pet but change it for good.

   As general manager of Heart of America Invisible Fence, Schoenfelder brings these innovative solutions to his dealership in Leawood, Kansas. For more than 15 years, the Schoenfelder family has been an instrumental factor in bringing improvements and enhancements to the Invisible Fence Brand line of products and also served as Pro Staff advisors for the brand, providing feedback about what is most important to pet owners. By working closely with his parents, Tim and Ann, at their dealership in Knoxville, Tennessee, Schoenfelder literally grew up in the company and played an intricate role in expanding the company to Huntsville, Alabama. Together they raised the standard for professionalism and quality customer care in both markets. Schoenfelder brought this same level of excellence to Kansas City and received the brand’s National Dealer Circle of Excellence Award in 2015. This award honors dealer accomplishments in a variety of small-business disciplines, including customer care, training, installation, sales and business operations.

The Schoenfelder family


    When asked why he chooses to partner with Invisible Fence Brand, Schoenfelder said, “After being in this industry for most of my life, I know that Invisible Fence Brand is the best solution I can offer my customers. They understand that different pets need different solutions and are dedicated to helping homeowners find those solutions with less mess and lower stress than other products. It’s not just about the right fence; it’s a lifestyle that gives more freedom to pets and their owners.”

   He knows firsthand about how their Perfect Start Plus Training System works for dogs and goes at a pace that is comfortable for the owner and the pet. The training protocol was developed by pet experts around the country, and each pet learns new boundaries without fear or stress. “Our product is repeatedly recommended by animal behaviorists and vets. It’s really important that we provide the best care possible for our customers, especially the furry ones,” Schoenfelder says.

   In addition to providing the most advanced products and excellent customer service, Heart of America Invisible Fence also supports the Kansas City Community as the proud sponsor of the Mills Farm Mustangs swim team. In addition, they recently donated a free Invisible Fence Brand solution installation to the annual Great Plains SPCA “Pawtini” fundraiser and helped raise more than $336,000 for shelter pets. Their location also participates in the Project Breathe Project, a national program from Invisible Fence Brand that donates pet oxygen masks to local fire departments, and has saved more than 10,000 pets since 2007.

   If you want the best technology combined with the best in customer service for your family and your pet, visit Schoenfelder at Heart of America Invisible Fence. All of their products come with a one-year money-back guarantee. They want to help you find the solutions you need to keep your pet happy and safe at home. Contact them at (913) 345-2999 or heartofamerica.invisiblefence.com to schedule your free consultation.