Hip Hop Goat Yoga Anyone?

Yoga has been a popular way to stay healthy both physically and mentally for years. The classic yoga  is now evolving into unique and some might say extremely eclectic interpretations of the centuries old practice. In honor of International Yoga Day, here are five types of yoga that you might not have heard of. 

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga combines traditional yoga poses with dance, Pilates and the use of a hammock or silks. This type of yoga will challenge your strength and flexibility more than traditional yoga because you spend the entire class suspended in the air. The silk hammocks are also perfect for all you Instagram junkies! Try aerial yoga for beginners at KC Yoga Kula on July 2nd. kcyogakula.com

Goat Yoga 

If you’re not shy about sharing your yoga mat with horned livestock then give goat yoga a try. This form of yoga is taught as live goats wander through your class. It may not be the hardest workout you will do, but fans say it works wonders for the mind. Aimee Parsons has taken a goat yoga class and says “all in all the entire experience was very good for the soul. We all had smiles on our faces for the rest of the day! It definitely brought out those yoga ‘good vibes’ that we all search for in each of our practices.” In the mood to try? The Swinney Recreation Center is putting on goat yoga classes this summer on July 7th, August 17th and September 9th. Get your tickets today at UMKC.edu.

S.U.P Yoga 

S.U.P stands for stand up paddleboard. SUP yoga is exactly what you think it is. Doing yoga while perched on a flotation device. S.U.P has garnered newfound popularity with yogis who want an extra challenge. Perks are the beautiful view and out of the norm location. You can find SUP yoga at Shawnee Mission Park jcprd.com. If you don’t want to worry about the weather affecting your workout the Jewish Community Center does SUP yoga at their indoor pool. thejks.org

Laughter Yoga

Originating in India, laughter yoga is a combination of breathing exercises and stimulated laughter to teach your body how to laugh on its own. Taught during a traditional yoga class, people will enjoy a fun and light workout that stresses the importance of being in tune with your body. 

Hip Hop Yoga 

Hip hop yoga is a physical yoga practice that is paired with hip hop music. For those wanting to pop and lock their downward dog this might be your yoga jam. Try the class out on the rooftop at the Port KC Fitness and Performance on July 29th. You can buy your tickets at the door for only $10 a person and the class ends with wine and “community time.” theportkc.com