How To Navigate Apple's New iOS 10

photo courtesy of apple


With the announcement of the new iPhone 7 with no audio jack, Series 2 Apple Watches, and AirPods wireless headphones, the new iOS 10 is available for iPhones, iPods and iPads. This has been the biggest update since 2013 when Apple revamped icons and introduced functions with swipes. Here’s a little heads up to some of their new features in iOS 10.


New Swiping

Functions with swipes, such as “Swipe to Unlock” has been around for awhile and now, they are getting a little update. Let’s start with the lock screen. Apple has removed the “Swipe to Unlock” and now, when you swipe right, you get the camera. Swipe left, and you get a widgets page with tiny tidbits from apps such as Calendar, News, Weather and Map Destinations.

When you swipe up to get the Control Center, there are now two pages. The first page has all the same controls such as Flashlight and shortcuts. Swipe left and second newly added page features audio and video controls.


Lock Screen

Two other new features on the new lock screen include turning on automatically when you pick up your phone as well as viewing photos and responding to a friend’s message just by pressing the notification.



Here’s where there are a lot of new changes. You can now make “effects” with your messages, replace words with emojis, add stickers to your text, write messages with your finger, and more. Here’s a small guide to use two of the features in messaging.

To make “effects” with messages, type a message  and then hold down on the send button. It will bring you to another screen where you can make bubble effects or screen effects. To send the message, simply press the send button again.

To write a message with your finger, rotate your phone into landscape mode. But first, make sure you have rotation lock off because it won’t work with it on. The screen should fade into a blank space where you can write with your finger with a few pre-written messages below. This can also be combined with the above effects.



The famous Siri works with apps from the App Store. You can ask Siri to book a ride using Lyft, send a message through a third-party app like Whatsapp, and even see your pins from Pinterest. Make sure to go to settings, Siri, and click on App Support to control which apps Siri can use.

Also, you can now get rid of some of those pesky, pre-loaded apps you don’t want. Press down on any app on the homescreen and wait for the apps to wiggle. Find the pre-loaded app you’re not fond of and tap the “x” and tap “Remove” to finish. You can add the apps back by going to the Apple Store, searching for the app, and downloading it.


These are just some of the many new features of iOS 10. To see more, visit