I Tried the New Sonic Pickle Juice Slush and Survived

Sonic Pickle Juice Slush

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“You’re brave,” said the Sonic employee bringing me my small Pickle Juice Slush. Brave, or just stupid.

 I asked her what other willing customers have been saying about it. Apparently, “disgusting” and “that shouldn’t be a slush” are the most common answers, but not many people have tried it (the slush was only released, along with three other limited-time summer flavors, on June 11). She hasn’t had the courage to try it for herself yet. One of her co-workers was, though. I asked for their thoughts: “they said it was ‘interesting.’”

I was pretty nervous to consume it, if I’m being perfectly honest, but also perversely excited. A pickle, much less pickle juice, is high on the list of things that shouldn’t be made into one of Sonic’s slushes, but that’s probably why I wanted to at least give it a shot. 

The electric green-tinted slush sat on the table in front of me, staring into me, testing my fortitude. It definitely smelled like pickles. And if I threw it on someone, I wouldn’t be surprised if it burned them. I gulped, and with my bottle of water at the ready just in case, I took the plunge. 

It was strange.