I Tried the New Sonic Pickle Juice Slush and Survived

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It did indeed taste like pickles, but not overwhelmingly so. I suppose it would be borderline unethical of Sonic to throw some brine into a blender with some ice and call it a day. There was quite a bit of odd-tasting sweetness to it too, but I could almost differentiate the sweetness from the vinegar-y taste of the pickle juice as I was drinking it, which made for a really strange combination. I put the cup down more confused than anything else. The texture of Sonic’s slushes is perfect for a refreshingly sweet treat in the summer, like a slightly-less viscous snow cone, but not for this bizarre mix of flavors. And the aftertaste stuck around for a while, causing me to pucker my lips every so often. I’m truly sorry, Sonic, but I just can’t get behind this idea.

The slush wasn’t going to drink itself, so I shared the wealth. Of the four people that tasted it (including myself), two were unenthused and two were pleasantly surprised (but they wouldn’t buy it again). Taste buds are weird, man. 

The Pickle Juice Slush is a novelty act, and I’m sure it’ll be wildly, irrationally popular for the first few weeks. And I’m glad I was one of the first to indulge. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not recommending it by any means, but if anything, it’s a story for the grandkids someday. It’s summertime, there are no regrets.

In fact, let me take another sip…

Yep, still bad.