Is Your Home Ready to Sell?

Five expert tips to make your home show-worthy

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If you have ever thought about selling your home, you've probably been overwhelmed thinking about all the work that needs to be done. Yes, getting your home ready to sell takes effort, but the best way to tackle anything is one step at a time. We asked local real estate experts for some advice on what they suggest potential sellers should focus on when preparing their homes for the market. Here are five tips from the pros that will set you up for success.


1. Curb appeal goes a long way.

Make buyers fall in love with your home before they even step inside. “Make sure your lawn and landscaping is maintained. Trim your trees and bushes, add mulch to your flower beds and power-wash your driveway. Buyers are more likely to be drawn in, and it helps your home stand out from the competition.” - Ashley Rodgers, licensed realtor in Kansas and Missouri


2. Pay extra attention to the front door.

It seems like common sense, but buyers will be paying extra attention to your front entryway. They often stop and wait on the front porch as their agent opens the door. "Clean the doors, broom down cobwebs, touch up missing paint, replace a broken or cracked doorbell and always make sure your key is working and that your door is easy to open." - Lisa Hall, licensed realtor in Kansas and Missouri

3. Less is more; purge, pack and declutter.

When it’s time to stage the inside of your home, start packing things up. Purge and donate clothing and items that have been hiding in the back of closets. “Check the corners of rooms; they seem to collect unnecessary items. Make sure your counters are clean and free of appliances or knick knacks, and avoid having large furniture in smaller rooms.” - Molly Rector, licensed realtor in Kansas and Missouri


4. Touch up and repaint.

Want to give your home a new look? Repaint rooms in light, neutral colors. Avoid paint colors that are bold or too dark. “Paint is the cheapest way to freshen up a home to make it feel inviting, clean and well-maintained. Go around and touch up paint on all trim and walls.”  - Aaron Leib, licensed realtor in Kansas and Missouri


5. It’s not about you.

You’ve worked hard to put your personal touch on every room in your house, but even special personal items and pictures can have an unwanted negative impact on buyers.  “Remove pictures of yourself and your family. Buyers want to be able to see themselves in their future home.” - Katie Yeager, president and CEO of Your Future Address LLC

We recommend getting an expert in real estate to work for you.

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