Is the Weather Making Us Depressed?

The Midwest is notorious for giving Kansas Citians a taste of every season. What natives aren’t a fan of is a winter that won’t go away. Rain, snow and sleet are so two months ago. April is finally here and instead of looking forward to last year’s sunshine and early April temperatures in the high 70’s we have snow in the forecast for this weekend. WTH on that?


Flip-flops and floral sundresses are a no go and boots and parkas are a must do. If you’re feeling stuck in a funk about the cold, wet, sunshine challenged weather you’re not alone. 

Therapist Lynne Weilert says some of us could be feeling the effects of Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder (or SAD) due to our long, gloomy, never-ending winter. 


“Sunshine matters to our overall health. I’ve even noticed myself feeling a little low and have been taking Vitamin D 3 as a supplement to help with our lack of sun.”


Weather forecasters don’t have much good news to brighten our day. The 10-day forecast shows only one day of sunshine and temperatures that aren’t budging into warm weather territory.