Piece of Cake

On the trail looking for something sweet, I have discovered a sweet sensation...our own Cake Boss right here in Kansas.  Carey Iennaccaro, owner of Johnson County-based Sprinkled with Sugar, is the new cake diva on the scene, and if you haven't had one of her cakes...well, you better read on.

Whether you're looking for a baby shower, birthday, anniversary, bridal shower, kids' or just because cake, no one will work harder to design the perfect cake or cupcake for your special occasion.  Chocolate, strawberry, white, marble or lemon cake with a choice of raspberry, strawberry, Oreo, ganache, peanut butter, fudge or caramel filling...seriously.

I first discovered Iennaccaro's cakes while on the set at NBC Action News.  Brett Anthony, our local weatherman, had Iennaccaro make a cake for NBC Morning News Anchor Christa Dubill's birthday.  When I first saw the cake, I actually thought it was a beautifully wrapped present.  Little did I know the white buttercream-laced cake was for real.  "Oohing" and "ahhing" the cake on display, I was first in line for the celebration. 

If you are a fan of the TLC TV show Cake Boss starring Hoboken, N.J. baker Buddy Valestro, then you know not only what custom designed cakes look like, but also what they take to make.  I am talking hours of planning and design, rolling fondant and cutting shapes. You have to be an artist and a baker...in that order. Iennaccaro starts off with an idea, draws a design and then bakes the cake.  Buttercream and fondant on hand, she colors and mixes icings and creates everthing from soccer balls to sleepover cakes. Customer requests are getting pretty elaborate, but Iennaccaro is ready for the challenge. Whether it is a special occasion or just a cake for a date, Iennaccaro can and will design and bake for you an elaborate cake when the craving for something sweet calls.

As sweet as the cream in her icing, Iennaccaro will help you not only bring your ideas and imagination to life, but she will also deliver Kansas City's best-tasting cake to your doorstep. She is a passionate and in-demand baker and design artist upholding the tradition of baking with no formal training.  Self-taught, Iennaccaro now teaches workshops and classes around Kansas City and hopes to someday open a storefront with cupcakes, cookies, truffles and, of course, cake. The challenge of creating cakes for friends and family inspired Iennaccaro to start her own business, and she is usually booked three to four months in advance. Some of her cakes are traditional, some contain new culinary techniques, some are novelty cakes and some push the envelope, but in the end, they all taste delicious!

What's coming soon to Sprinkled with Sugar? Sprinkles, of course! Thinking of someone and want them to know about it? Want to put a smile on your best friend's face? Sprinkle them! 

What is a "Sprinkle," exactly? A Sprinkle is a little treat you can send to brighten someone's day! There are three types of Sprinkles available now--baby cakes, cake truffles and cake cookies.  Check Iennaccaro out on Facebook or Twitter on Sunday evenings, place an order, and Iennaccaro will deliver your Sprinkle on Wednesday afternoon. You never know, she may show up with something special just for you!

words: Jasper Mirabile, Jr.