New Year's Resolutions

Bryan Busby
KMBC News 9 meteorologist
“If you care about and love someone, don’t hold back on saying it or showing it. Embrace the fact that at the end of the day, we all want the best and most enriched life for our friends, our family and ourselves. And that our existence matters to someone else.”
Donna Pitman
KMBC News 9 reporter
and anchor
“I will make it a point not to worry about how clean my hardwood floors are (aren’t!) and to accept (even embrace) the fact that life — the house included — is chaotic right now and for all the right reasons!”
Jennifer Bertrand
Designer and season three
winner of HGTV’s
“Design Star”
“To not be the cobbler with no shoes, so when people say, ‘I bet your house is cool,’ I can say, ‘Well, yes, yes it is!’ We’ve had a few medical issues and real life priorities, but it can be achieved in small moments layered over time.”
Peggy Dunn
Leawood mayor
“Find time to read simply for pleasure, not just for business. Engage in more verbal conversation rather than predominantly email — especially with our children. Spend additional quality time with our nine beautiful grandchildren who are growing up way too fast!”


Carl Gerlach
Overland Park mayor
“To continue to bring jobs to Overland Park and improve our quality of life while striving to find the proper balance of time between family, mayor, my full-time job and exercising more to get myself in better shape.”
Michelle Davidson
Co-host of “Kansas City Live”
“To find more time to read for pleasure, become a better cook (honestly, learn to cook), eat better and exercise more so I can toss the Spanx.”
Christa Dubill
NBC Action News anchor
“To slow down and break the habit of filling every minute of every day. There’s always something needing done, but much of it can wait.”
Jenny Matthews
Mix 93.3 radio personality
“To get my body back after the birth of my son!”