The 'Mayor' of Fitness

Beth Cobble can't imagine a day without exercise and inspiration.


   Beth Cobble is a 48-year-old mother of three grown children, but she has the vibrancy and looks of someone much younger. One can logically assume that’s because she’s been in the fitness industry for 27 years, eats right and works out for hours on end teaching classes at Life Time Fitness in Overland Park. But Cobble tells 435 Magazine her youthful vibe can be attributed to other factors besides diet and exercise.

  • “Every day after my early morning workouts, I take 15 minutes to read my devotional and inspirational books and readings. This gives me the quiet, peaceful time to slow down and connect with myself and what my mission in life is, and to enjoy and be in the moment. I am very close with my kids and have learned to find happiness within myself so that I can share that happiness with them and others. I want those closest to me to have my best self I can offer.”
  • Lifetime Fitness club members call Cobble “the mayor” because she’s been there eight years and knows a lot of people. Between 3,000 and 4,000 people go through the fitness studios each week. “I love my members. They inspire me every day to be a better person, to be non-judgmental, to embrace all people, and they allow me to do what I love to do each and every day.”
  • A job perk is witnessing dramatic transformations in people. “We just did a 90-day challenge here, and someone lost 72 pounds in 90 days. Another gal lost 30 pounds in 90 days. I asked her what she felt was the biggest difference and she said her diet. We have a registered dietician here. Diet is huge.”
  • Diet is also important to Cobble. “I try to eat clean most days. I did a yoga cleanse about two years ago, which was a gluten-, sugar-, alcohol-, animal product- and caffeine-free diet, and I have stuck with many of the aspects, such as  little to no bread or dairy.”
  • Life Time Fitness members love difficult workouts — the harder the better. “Pilates and yoga are still really big and are catching on with people my age and older. They can’t do the pounding as much anymore. Our bodies don’t need that. We need to be lifting weights to build our strength for strong bones and a strong core.”
  • Cobble’s exercise tips for the New Year? “Don’t make your goal too big, and work out with someone. Have someone help you be accountable for those workouts.”