Just Eight Weeks to a Great Body

Highlights from the Eight Weeks to Greatness Program

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Meredith's Blog Entries Show the Path to Greatness

Week 1-2

I've chosen to step way outside my comfort zone and get 'me' back. I have four children between 21 months and 9 years old. We lead an unbelievably busy lifestyle. Our kids' activities dominate our 'free' time. I am also incredibly blessed to own my own business (Meredith Dubill Photography) which keeps me hard at work year round. I have not worked out or taken care of myself since my third child was born about 6 years ago. I decided I am worth making time for and I want to be the best 'me' I can be for my family. I have been craving more energy so I could be a better mother and wife. I have made the mental decision to go "all in" and do this. In the past, I would attempt to exercise or eat better buy always something would come up to derail me. This time is different. With loads of encouragement from Christina and the trainers at His & Her Fitness, I have decided to be positive and not have any excuses. This is my time. I am going to get "me" back.

Week 3

I was most nervous about strength, but the trainers did a great job explaining everything and keeping me going.

Week 4

I definitely look at food completely differently. I see it as fuel for what I am trying to achieve.

Week 5

I'm feeling stronger on the outside which is making me feel stronger on the inside. I felt like this may happen at the end, but after only a month the changes are so dramatic. I'm down 2 pant sizes. I have gotten so many compliments and keep getting texts and messages from tons of people about how I'm inspiring them and how they are cheering me on.

Week 6

The accountability is a big part of this process for me.

Week 7

I have continued to be able to raise the intensity of my workouts and things that would have been impossible for me just a few weeks ago, are now part of my regular routine.

Week 8

Wow! What an amazing journey. I highly recommend you talk to Christina Larson and staff at His & Her Fitness about the different options they have. One may be a great fit for you!

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