4 Tips for At Home Floral Arrangements

photos by: Sarah Budke


Picking up a bouquet of flowers from a grocery store or florist is convenient, but they sometimes need a bit more work to be really compelling. Check out the simple tips below to see how to transform your ordinary stems into an extraordinary centerpiece.


1. Tape your vase. 

Create a grid with tape along the opening of the vase or jar. 

This is the most important tip to making your flowers appear fuller and more spread out.
We ended up using clear scotch tape because it stuck to the glass better. If you are using a nice holder, such as crystal, stick with the floral tapeas it will leave less residue. Just be careful not to hit the tape divider when dropping in your stems or it will fall off.

2. Select your focal piece and color.

This job is best left to the larger flowers.

Trim the stem of each flower as you place it so you can get the exact height differentiation. This leaves you with a better shape for your arrangement.
Here we selected a white flower with beautiful texture to be the center piece and dropped it in middle of the tape grid. Then we added in yellow daises as the main focal color of the arrangement. Each was added to different segment of the vase.

3. Add in accent flowers.

Small bright buds make for great accent pieces.

For this arrangement, we added in high contrast complementary colors to make it appear more informal.
The yellow branches in the back help ground the bouquet while the simple purple flowers to contrast the yellow ones. 

4. Fill the empty space.

Hide any gaps with greenery and small flowers.

You don’t have to use the filler leaves from the flower assortment, improvise.
Adding greenery and small flowers to fill the gaps in the arrangement instantly makes the flowers look more extravagant. I ended up trimming a few branches off a bush in my yard and used the small bright green branches to give volume to the centerpiece.
Total cost: Just over $10
Flowers were from Trader Joes, we bought one $5.99 assortment and another for $3.99. Floral tape can be found for under one dollar at craft stores.