Wasteless Wednesday: Rice Pudding

This adventurous Wednesday we are going to explore how you can turn this...

Into this...


Pudding. RICE pudding. Believe it or not, this stuff is pretty divine. If using leftover white rice, the flavor can be adapted depending on your taste preferences.

Here is how the magic works


Leftover Rice, at least 1 cup

2 ½ cups milk

Pinch of salt

1 egg

2-3 TBSP honey

2 TBSP finely chopped walnuts


1.    In a small saucepan, mix leftover rice and the egg. Add in milk, salt, and stir

2.    Bring to a simmer over medium low heat

3.    Once mixture starts to bubble, you can either

a.     Keep the heat on medium or turn to medium-high while stirring constantly until mix is thickened to pudding texture (5-10 minutes) OR

b.    Remove heat until low, stirring occasionally until thickened (15 minutes)

4.    Remove pan from heat

5.    Stir in 1 TBSP of honey, and then pour remaining honey over top of mixture

6.    Sprinkle with walnuts after distributed into serving bowls or mix well into whole pudding

*Tastes wonderful served cold as well

Ways to add more flavor:

  • Melt banana in with the heated mixture                                                                                                    


  • Throw in some chocolate chips 


  • Or maybe some pumpkin 


Put the finishing touches on any flavor combinations with a healthy dollop of whipped cream and a cherry


Ahhhhh Perfection.


Check here next week for more ways to waste less leftovers.

Comment below and share what you are doing with leftovers in the kitchen.

Happy Cooking!