Meet Mapa, the Cutest Pet Contest Winner 2017

The Chihuahua/Sheltie mix has stolen Kansas City's heart.

Mapa Cutest Pet Contest Winner 2017


   Ever since she laid eyes on the little Chihuahua/Sheltie mix puppy at a local animal shelter three years ago, Alexandra Deery of Overland Park has been in love. Deery's Greek grandfather named the puppy Mapa, which means "cabbage" in Greek. "When she was a puppy, her head was so big that he called her 'little mapa' or cabbage head," Deery says with a laugh.

   Though a tiny 8 pounds, Mapa has a big personality. "With a Hispanic and Scottish background, she is blessed with superstar athleticism, devastating good looks and form," Deery wrote on her contest entry form. "Her loyalty to her family and friends run deep, and she is fiercely protective of her loved ones. She is filled with wanderlust and loves to meet new people and pets. Her favorite foods are chicken and salmon, she loves to go on morning runs, summertime is her favorite time, blue is her favorite color and her favorite movie is any movie that stars Benicio Del Toro."

   Mapa can hold her own when visiting Deery's mom, who has two twin yellow Labrador Retrievers. "She thinks she's a big dog," Deery says. "She bosses them around." 

   Mapa was trained in basic commands her first year of life by Richard Tanner of Bark Boulevard KC, and she is a delight to live with, Deery says. In fact, while at home, the only time she and Mapa are separated is when Deery takes a shower. "Even then, she's sitting and waiting for me," Deery says. 

   Runners Up 

   2nd Place: Liberty

   3rd Place: Bogey

   4th Place: Mable

   5th Place: Kona


   Pets entered: 110

   Total votes: 11,317

   Money raised for KC Pet Project: $3,000

   Thank you everybody for participating and KC Pet Project for teaming up with us on this contest.

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